What’s good for you?

Donald Trump happy face
Donald Trump sad face
A lot of bullshit is not bad for health. Sometimes it is good to
keep you grounded.
One must know how many
people in this world are
under- or over-intelligent. 
We are pertaining to a situation, where it’s not possible to restrain from giving advice, the pleasure tends to exude in each human circumstance even by the
most idealistic people.
 It’s like the ringing of the school bell. 
Push and pull, and lift up and drop down, all will be accepted in the moment.
Subconsciously most can’t help it. This comes naturally to them. To be a director or a social advocate for a
friend in need. 
And no matter how much one needs to pounce on each opportunity, one misses out on the real moments because this one becomes bigger. 

One blind gets into the life of another.

Donald Trump blind face

A beautiful opportunity, is that of the beginning of a new thing. 
Human walking raw. 
It’s  simplest to try at it. 

With repetition and settlement for lows, being cozy constant healers for society, it is a puncture each time, for the passionate heart of the creator.

Donald Trump Darkness
 Hope of whose, becomes stronger with bullshit and dumb opportunists feeling nothing beyond their
visions to achieve nothing. 
Inferring, all minds to think like theirs.
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