An initiative to empower the old grandma sitting isolated from her family in an old age home.

With a repertoire of knowledge and delicious food recipes, she is an epitome of wisdom, magic and glorious dishes.

The Rave One

A documentary on the 50 year old art/tradition of Ravan making.

Is it to depict victory over evil or are we giving rise to evil by creating it for over 2 months

while its gone in 60 seconds every year.

Ladakh For Real

With the rise in the tourist population every year. 

It’s imperative to make people aware of the land and it’s natural offerings, so that conservation is a clear mindset.

We document, research, and disseminate the cultural practices of the ladakh region with a view to revitalise the cultural and diverse heritage of ladakh.

Folk Me a Jam

A folk music project that’s on the move with contemporary indie artists jamming all along the Indian subcontinent in search of learning indigenous music cultures.