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The Mission

To revive indie folk music cultures across the Indian subcontinent. Realising the diversity of each unique folk heritage to it’s roots in order to unleash the potential hidden in these art-forms for the world to see.

What is Folk Me a Jam?

A web folk music video series, bringing back to life, the old or dying music forms indigenous to each land. Folk artist performances unravel the dormant knowledge of the times.

Why Folk Me a Jam?

Folk me a jam is based on the concept of back to the basics. It has the potential to go back and understand the journey of music cultures and instrumentation to enrich the souls of today and reinforce the long lost stories behind the roots of the music, today.

How you can be a part of it?

Share :
Create a havoc around you for folk musicians. A JAM.

Help people know it’s true, share and spread the love.

Call A Jam Home :

You can fund and produce musicals at your favourite venue.

(Get to co-produce the project in collaboration with mudart)

Sponsor :
If you are a company, you can sponsor this initiative and collaborate to make the films possible.

(Get your logo featured on as well as the campaign)

Refer :

You can refer this idea to a Trust, Corporate or Organisation.

(Make a difference)

Volunteer :

You can Volunteer if you are a content creative/designer/artist/filmmaker to be a part of the experience

(Get hands on  experience and certificate on the campaign)