Ancient Barbecue Tales – Fish & Grill

The sun rose slowly in the horizon.

The waves were crashing to and fro from the shoreline.

The breeze was playing its balmy tunes.

And Boba and Hoba were fast asleep. 

With the touch of first light, Boba stirred and woke up, yawning and with a stomach grumbling with hunger. He had just had a really mouthwatering dream, full of tasty food and drinks. He got up and nudged Hoba awake as well.

After completing their morning rituals, Boba and Hoba decided to go fishing! They wanted to try their new found skills on sea food!!

So they quickly ran towards to their fishing boat and paddled off into the ocean. After an adventurous hour or so, they returned back to the shore with their loot. They had managed to catch a few lobsters and a grouper! Boba was really excited to try cooking the giant fish on a grill like last night.

They quickly sat down to dissect the fish, bled, scaled and gutted the fish quickly and chopped out a few fillets. Since fish is delicate meat, Boba made sure that the fillet was getting enough heat to get cooked, but not get burnt. But when Hoba tried to move the fillet, it stuck and with further prodding a little piece broke down into the fire.

So Boba got ready to hang some fillets wrapped in a thick leaf, while Hoba kept up with his experiments! In another ten minutes, Hoba lightly prodded the fish and it came off! he realised that it needs to be cooked before it can be turned. Soon, the piece was nicely grilled.

In about half hour, the leaf around the fillets had burnt a little but the meat was tender and juicy and smoky.. So they grilled a few more fillets while hanging the rest of pieces just above the fire, without the flames touching them but covered in smoke,

Then they sat down with their grouper fillets and had a fulfilling meal.

Boba felt that this idea of cooking with fire must be shared with the tribe. So they wrapped up their smoked meat and went for a walk in their village. The sun was almost down and few of the women were taking the dry meat inside, that they had hung in the sun, on lines outside their huts.

Boba and Hoba decided to see the Village Chief first and went to see him at his hut.

When Chief Barbosa heard their story, he could not believe it at first. So they brought forward a large piece of grilled grouper for him to taste. When he tasted, it was so delicious! 
He sat down with Hoba and Boba with plans for applying this technique on all meat collected in the tribe and have barbecue parties!!

Here are some crazy seafood barbecue to tide you over.

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