Ancient Barbecue Tales – The Discovery

Winter is here.

This is not just a Game of Thrones’ signature dialogue.

The season of festivities begins and it calls out for smoky, grilled yet tender and luscious barbecue!

How to Grill a T-Bone Steak by JOSHUA BOUSEL from Seriouseats

The question that begs to be answered is how did Barbeque come into existence?

Once upon a time, there were cavemen who loved shrubs, berries and roots. But much more than that, they loved the game meat.

Among them was Boba.

When Boba learnt that one of his friends had discovered fire, he realized he could use it in his hut to stay warm. He got super excited and immediately got it set up.

Come night he lit up the fire and warmed his hands. But since there was no chimney, soon there was smoke everywhere.

Boba got really upset with all the smoke and had to bunk with his neighbor and friend, Hoba.

In those times, Boba and everyone in his tribe used to hang their meat to dry in their homes.

Next morning, when Boba returned back with Hoba to look at the damage. The fire had died out, the smoke had dissipated. So he invited Hoba for a meal.

Boba and Hoba sat down to munch on some roots and meat. When they took the first bite, they couldn’t believe it. It tasted odd, yet weirdly flavorful and so so delicious.

Boba got an idea and he set up another piece of meat above the fire on a rack he had made and after much trial and error, discovered the culinary joys of cooked meat.

Now Boba was so happy that he started dancing with Hoba and yelled, Barabicu.

Barabicu translates to “framework of sticks set upon posts” and has its roots in Haiti.

When Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492, the Spaniards apparently found indigenous Haitians roasting meat over a grill consisting of a wooden framework resting on sticks above a fire.

Thus Barbeque was born and Man knew its many joys!

Today smoky has been added as the sixth taste as per Korean-American-Southern chef Edward Lee wrote. He says,

“Some say umami is the fifth [taste], in addition to salty, sweet, sour and bitter,” Lee writes. “I say smoke is the sixth.”

You may ask, why the long story?

Just an excuse to share these mouth-watering photographs of Barbeque season from across the globe!

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How to grill like a pro by Rahul verma from TheHouseofbbq
Elias Lefas Barbecue Photography
Food Photography Laya Gerlock
Leya Gerlock Barbecue Photography
Article from The HansIndia
Article from The Spice House
How to grill like a pro by Rahul verma from TheHouseofbbq

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  1. As a Tennessean girl myself, I completely agree that smoke is the 6th taste. I firmly believe in all types of barbecue. Memphis, Kansas City, Carolinian – and anything that involves some good pulled pork. Awesome pictures! My mouth is watering, and I’m hungry!

    1. Yay! Mission accomplished!
      Stay tuned Johanna. 🙂
      Boba and Hoba are just beginning their journey. Much more deliciousness on its way!

  2. That meat looks delicious, Boba & Hoba story though 😀

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