What is The Rave One?

The Rave One is a documentary on one of the most conflicted character of Hindu mythology, Ravana, the tradition of Ravana dehen and the Ravana makers of Titarpur.

The documentary features Anand Neelkanthan known for best selling book “Asura“. Christopher C. Doyle known for best selling book The Mahabharata Secret. We have delved into stories that revolve around Ravan by talking to the artists themselves as well as the general public.

It progresses into the process of making and the understanding of the tradition and leaves the viewer with a set of outcomes and perspectives.


A most accomplished musician, creator of Rudra Veena and Ravan hatta, and a tapasvi of such knowledge and valour, that he needed ten heads and twenty arms to accommodate it all.

India has six temples dedicated to him. In a town called Baidnath in Himachal Pradesh, people do not build or burn effigies of Ravan. In fact, rumour has it that anyone who will participate in this ceremony, will surely die an unnatural death!

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