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To raise awareness about Ladakh
The roof of the world,
With respect to its cultural heritage
& paying emphasis on its dying art cultures.

Mudart aims to achieve an ecological balance through making the world aware of the delicate climatic conditions governing the mighty mountains of ladak. Design intervention and process solutions to revive the different art cultures is the main focus and not just the situation.

The art cultures we aim to focus on : 


Thanka paintinga

Monastry woodwork 


Metal work,

Earthen work

Musical instruments and folk influences.


What is Ladakh for Real?

A set of films, focused specifically through case studies on the heritage of ladakh.
Last artisans of multiple art-forms of ladakh pass on their process for the younger ones who may be designers who want to pursue or get inspired from the art. Design solutions to revive the art.Climatic as well as cultural awareness through time-lapses and storytelling will weave us through the journey of the land of high passes.

Why Ladakh for Real?

With the rise in the tourist population every year.  It’s imperative to make people aware of the land and it’s natural offerings, so that conservation is a clear mindset. We also want to engage young artists and designers in the cultural and art practices indigenous to ladakh region with a view to revitalise the cultural and diverse heritage of ladakh.


How can YOU be a part of it?

Share :
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Create a havoc around you for a cause.
Share and spread the love.


Co-Produce :
You can produce to make the documentary films possible.
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Sponsor :
If you are a company, you can SPONSOR this initiative and COLLABORATE to make the films possible.
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Refer :
You can refer us to a relevent Trust, Corporate or a CSR
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Volunteer :

You can Volunteer if you are a content creative/designer/artist/filmmaker to be a part of the experience
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